The difference between Warp and Weft knitting – If you ever wondered


There are three 3D knit technologies:

WKSTM Raschel Double needle bar Jacquard warp knit: the front and the back needle bars knit both fronts respectively, while the middle jacquard bar joins them to form the seamless garment.

Raschel seamless (wksTM) represents the most innovative and unique technology since it incorporates the high productivity of weft knit and the shape flexibility of the flat knit.

The WKSTM technique is completely suitable for producing high performance technical clothing, essential in sports as they support muscles and let the body breathe.

With this technology it is possible to have endless design possibilities: a great variety of stitches can be achieved by the piezo-jacquard system.
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WKSTM by Cifra is a PATENT production technology
The difference between Warp (WKSTM) and Weft knitting (Santoni Machine) system.