Restora By Burlington


What goes around, comes around.

Burlington introduces Restora™

A renewable fabric collection for the eco-conscious outdoor enthusiast.

Sustainability is the standard. We as individuals and as a company have a responsibility to be mindful of the impact we have on the environment. What goes around comes around and what was once new doesn’t have to become waste. Create new meaning and purpose for old plastics with Restora™.As outdoor enthusiasts, we believe repurposing waste is a way for us to do our part to put the planet first. Going forward, every new development in our Enthusiast Collection will have 30% or more recycled content.

How are they going to do this?

As part of their continued sustainable development strategy, Eco Circle™ and Seaqual™ will be joining their current recycled content product offering. These products include recycled fibers from Repreve®, used garments, and marine ocean waste. 

Their commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there. Across the Burlington platform, they are increasing their efforts to reduce the use of harmful chemicals by continuing to provide bluesign approved fabrics, implementing eco-friendly efforts in our manufacturing facilities like recycling wastewater in China, and collecting rainwater for use in Mexico. All of which will help them to reduce their impact on the environment.


Recycled fibers from used polyester products. 

Burlington introduces Restora™

Jiaren’s Eco Circle™ system (powered by Teijin) gives your old polyester based garments new life using a closed loop recycling system. Their revolutionary process separates and eliminates both additives and colorants from used polyester products. This breakthrough in material recycling also purifies the material, restoring the polyester to its original quality and function 

Eco Circle 

BRISBANE  J3025 023 CHN 

BOURGET  J3024 023 CHN 



LOTUS  J3070 K23 CHN 

MONCURE  J3101 023 CHN 



Recycled fabrics for a clean ocean. 

Seaqual™ is recycled polyester yarn, made from post consumer plastic bottles and plastic waste from the mediterrenean sea. The yarn contains 93%-95% recycled PET and 3%-7% ocean plastics. This recycling process contributes to the preservation of natural resources, reduces the waste in our planet’s oceans, and creates high quality recycled polyester yarns made from 100% recycled materials. 

Why is the yarn’s content level of ocean plastics is between 3-7%? 

1) The main objective of Seaqual is to clean the seas and oceans of the waste that we have in them today – recycling the plastic into yarn is just one of the things being done. 

2) For every 1kg of Seaqual yarn produced, 1kg of waste has been removed from the oceans. 

3) The type of waste that is removed from the oceans daily is not always the same quality or constant (other materials are also being removed at the same time). 

4) As this project keeps growing, they hope to increase the percentage of ocean plastic in the yarn. There are plans in place to start working with local fishermen and organizations in Central and South America. 


Fibers made from recycled plastic waste. 

Repreve® transforms pre-consumer fiber waste and post-consumer plastics into high quality polyester and nylon fibers. Compared to making what’s called virgin fiber, making Repreve offsets using new petroleum, emitting fewer greenhouse gases and conserving water and energy in the process. That makes a big difference for our future. 


OLYMPIC  J2770 023 CHN 


THIELSEN  J2741 019 CHN 

BORMIDA  J2799 019 CHN 

CAVALERO  J2953 019 CHN 

VALLE  J2954 019 CHN 

BRAHM  J2562 019 CHN 

BOLSENA  J3062 019 CHN 

MUTOVA  J3096 044 CHN 

Burlington® has been recognized as a Repreve Champion of Sustainability by Unifi, Inc. The inaugural award was established to recognize and celebrate Unifi’s brand and textile partners who have shown exemplary commitment to sustainability.