Lightweight and durable, in the world of mountain biking products these words are not often seen together, though in our latest collaboration with Scottish outdoors brand Endura, we’ve teamed up to create a trail jacket and pack that boast both of these attributes and much more. 

CORDURA® and Endura are a match made for the trail. The SingleTrack DuraJack is a product of two brands at the peak of their performance. The jacket features incredible durability, made possible by CORDURA® Ultralite fabric, which as the name suggests, benefits from a lightweight composition that won’t inhibit you as you take the tightest of turns on the trail. Even the odd thorn or twig will struggle take anything out of this jacket. 

The jacket comes in a relaxed fit, sporting a fashionable camouflage pattern in grey and rust red. Letting you bring an essence of subtle style when challenging the most extreme of courses. A full zip and grown-on hood sit alongside easily accessible pockets, making this jacket a practical solution that will keep your belongings safe and sound, even if you bail off the track. 

To top it all, the jacket packs down to the size of a can of soft drink, or as Endura team might say ‘a can of Irn Bru’. This is down to the flexible CORDURA® Ultralite fabric, combined with a DWR finish providing exceptional waterproofing, meaning the jacket can easily be packed away into a jersey or shorts pocket without losing any of its durability in the process. The weather on the trail can be unpredictable, so don’t leave home without this lightweight, packable portable. 

For long days in the saddle when you carry more supplies, the DuraPak is a waterproof backpack that will hold all your emergency kit and waterproofs, and folds down small enough to fit into a jersey pocket itself when not in use. Made from super lightweight, waterproof CORDURA® Ultralite fabric in a fully seam sealed construction, the DuraPak keeps your equipment dry in any conditions.

Credit: CORDURA®

It’s safe to say we are ecstatic to collaborate with such a brand as Endura. Another innovative product strengthened by CORDURA® fabric. We put a lot of work into creating fabrics used in a whole host of different sectors and environments, so it’s great to work with Endura who put just as much work into their products.  Creating something for you, that you can keep on using, and so you keep on riding. 

Colab ENDURA xCORDURA® – DuraJack + DuraPack

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